Tomy Drissi Heads to Daytona Speedway for Trans Am Finale

Coming off a third place overall and a Trans Am West coast win at Circuit of the Americas, Tomy Drissi will take the No. 8 ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ Tony Ave Racing Corvette to Daytona International Speedway, for round 13 of the 2017 Trans Am Championship. In a unique twist, the format for the final round will put all Trans Am classes on track running together. Saturday’s final event will be a 60 car shoot out as four classes of Trans Am cars battle it out for 75 minutes or 103 miles… whichever comes first.

“This is going to be a heck of a race,” said Tomy. “First, it’s Daytona… you’ve got high speed straights, the high banks and a twisty but quick infield. There’s enough technical challenge, for sure. But, the speed is going to be tremendous. And, where you really need to pay attention is the speed differential among the classes and your closing speeds on the slower cars. The track is certainly big enough to handle the traffic, but managing the speed differential falls squarely on the shoulders of the drivers. The TA cars run with TA3 and TA4 every week. We’re accustomed to being a bit more patient and respecting that a slower car in front may still be racing for class position. The TA2 guys are going to have to be patient.”

“I love driving on the speedway,” added Tomy. “I’ve finished 3rd and 2nd… twice.. at the Rolex 24 here. It is a track you can’t take for granted. It’s so fast. You come through NASCAR turns three and four… and your flat out. Plus it’s like you’re in a bowl… it’s a bit disorienting until you see the “tunnel” portion of turn four and you’re dropping down on the front stretch into the tri-oval. Your foot is all the way in it and you’re looking for more. It’s a wild ride. We should do well here!”

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