Tomy Drissi TransAm Speedway Showdown at Indianapolis Wrap-Up

Image courtesy of Hilary FrankDriving the No. 8 “War for the Planet of the Apes” Corvette,Tomy Drissi finished 4th in the Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli, Trans Am Speedway Showdown in the series’ debut at the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS), This was the Series’ first appearance in 51 years in Indianapolis, the “Racing Capital of the World.” The weekend’s racing was contested on the IMS’ 2.439-mile Grand Prix road course.

Tomy started the weekend driving the Ave prepared No. 8 Mustang. The team spent two practice sessions chasing down a “gremlin.” Rather than risk qualifying, the team decided to switch to a back up car, a Corvette, to use in qualifying and the race.

“We’re not sure what the issue was with the Mustang,” said Tomy. “We just all agreed it would be better to get it back to the shop and figure it out there. The weekend schedule was just to short to mess around. We’ve had plenty of experience with the Corvette, so the decision to qualify it was a simple one.”

“The car was pretty decent right off the trailer,” added Tomy. “We qualified 6th and went back to work on the setup for the race.”

“In the race, I got a good clean start and the car was fairly stable,” Tomy continued. “We ran through the first 10 or 15 laps patiently and looked for an opening, ultimately moving up to third. After a pretty long caution period we were able to take the restart in second place. The car wasn’t the fastest… but it was definitely a car we could put on the podium. With about nine laps to go, I had an issue with the throttle not responding. It resulted in a spin which allowed the third and fourth place cars to get by relegating us to fourth. It was a tough break, but we finished the day fourth. Honestly, it's disappointing, but we finished well considering where we were at the beginning of the week.”

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