Rain Strategy Nearly Pays Off for Drissi… Impressive Run, None-the-Less

With a wet track to start and rain in the area, Tomy Drissi and Tony Ave made the strategic call to start today’s Trans Am finale at Daytona on rain tires. As the field took the start, Tomy worked his way from third to the lead before the cars hit the high banks of NASCAR turn 1. By time the field had completed the first lap, Tomy had literally checked out. By lap 9, and the first full course caution, Tomy had accumulated a 48 second lead over the second place car of Ernie Francis Jr.

With the field packed together, Tomy was able to keep the lead, but with the track quickly drying, Francis used the caution to chase him down. The rains that had been threatening never came. Though Tomy would stop to put on dry slicks, the yellow had robbed him of his advantage and he lost the lead in the pits.

“It was a good strategy,” said Tomy. “But it wasn’t just the tires. The car was absolutely on rails. At the start, cars were slipping and sliding all over the place, while I was able to put the car where ever I needed it to be. The track was plenty wet in the early going… but the wind picked up and it started to dry. We had seen rain in the forecast… and it looked like we’d get more… but it never came. We got the dry tires on, but we had lost our advantage to the caution. Either way, it was great fun and Tony and his guys did a great job.”

“Tomy drove great,” added Tony Ave. “We made the call to go with wets because it was the right thing to do. It was raining on the grid and cars were all over the place at the start. We were hoping we’d build a large enough lead to be able to change tires if the rains didn’t come… but the early caution threw us off. Without the yellow, we would have built our lead up to over a minute… heck, Tomy was already lapping TA2 cars. He really did an awesome job.” 

“Not only that,” added Ave, “after the tire change, Tomy went out and turned the fastest lap of the race… a 1:48.603… he was the only car to dip into the 48’s.  He finished 5th in class… with a pit stop. It was good racing and a good strategy. It just didn’t go our way this time.”

This was the final event for the 2017 Trans Am Season. Tomy will take the month to review plans for 2018. Watch for an announcement before the New Year.

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