Double Podium for Tomy Drissi in Trans Am at Circuit of the Americas!

Tomy Drissi, in the No. 8 ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ Tony Ave Racing Corvette,’ finished third Saturday after working his way up through the field having started in sixth position.  Drissi ran as high as second in the 75 minute race at Circuit of the Americas. In addition, the overall third place finish gave Drissi the win for the Trans Am West Series.

“We knew going in the race would require patience,” said Tomy. “The guys in front were fast.. and right from turn one, it was obvious they weren’t going to give each other any opportunity to get a run. After I cleared turn one and the down hill section, I decided to settle in and let the front runners sort themselves out. It was the right decision.. I think everyone of them took a turn holding the lead. I know I was running second at one point.”

“For most of the race, I had Amy [Ruman] chasing me,” added Tomy. “She really kept me on my toes… I think she had a little more than me on the front stretch. Every time I got to turn one she was right there filling my mirrors. She raced me real clean and it was a lot of fun. We could see the leaders the whole time, so the ‘patience’ strategy paid off.”

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